The World-ruling Dungeon

A novel about a young man turned Dungeon Core


DarkGod EM

5/15/2021 2 min read


"Let me check real quick if I got what you said... Not only I'll be stuck forever in a fucking cave because I'll become immortal, I won't have any contact with humans and if someone hits me hard enough I die for good? Are you fucking mental?"

"Nah, that's pretty much it, good luck. See you again when you die."

"You fucking assh-.."

Yelp. Now I'm stuck in this dungeon forever, what the heck is there to do here?

Table of Contents:

Volume 1 - I Became a Dungeon

Chapter 1: I almost banged a married goddess

Chapter 2: The fucking Goblin did what?

Chapter 3: First Battle… Short Battle

Chapter 4: A weird hug and good snacks

Chapter 5: When I die , I respawn?

Chapter 6: We went camping? Inside of course.

Chapter 7: Horny girls = more power? (16+)

Chapter 8: First Expansion and a jealous assistant

Chapter 9: Thanks for the meal

Chapter 10: A vixen is a vixen (Part 1 – 16+)

Chapter 11: A vixen is a vixen (Part 2 – 16+)

Chapter 12: The Mercenaries

Chapter 13: Preparations and EP Gathering (Part 1 – 18+)

Chapter 14: Preparations and EP Gathering (Part 2 – 18+)

Chapter 15: Preparations over a bowl of soup

Chapter 16: The fox’s intentions (18+)
Extra Ch – Ch 16.2 – Punishment for a naughty fox (Part 1 – 18+)
Extra Ch – Ch 16.3 – Punishment for a naughty fox (Part 2 – 18+)

Chapter 17: Can your sister see us doing the thing?

Extra Ch - Ch 17.2 – Gloria's slapping and the Sis-con Goddess

Chapter 18: The degenerate loli and the stepdad.

Chapter 19: My little pogchamp

Chapter 20: The forest shakes

Chapter 21: The village near the forest

Chapter 22: They arrived

Chapter 23: Glory’s hole

Chapter 24: I’m in VR baby!

Chapter 25: The commander of Hordes

Chapter 26: The former princess of Kaimon

Chapter 27: Legendary Skill?

Chapter 28: This ain’t no f*cking cave!

Chapter 29: Our merciful God

Chapter 30: Too many inputs

Chapter 31: The Seven Greater Gods

Chapter 32: Power Leveling?

Chapter 33: He dead bro

Chapter 34: Skull Cracking

Chapter 35: The dilemma

Chapter 36: Swallowed alive

Chapter 37: Mihara’s trial

Chapter 38: New named dungeon monster: Mihara

Chapter 39: Insect Hell

Chapter 40: Torturer

Chapter 41: I’d rather die

Chapter 42: Promotion, camp and sneaky goblins

Chapter 43: A secret pathway

Chapter 44: Tell me more

Chapter 45: Modus Goblinoid

Chapter 46: In the end… the same

Chapter 47: Clueless

Chapter 48: Wraith

Chapter 49: The Army moves

Chapter 50: About naivety

Chapter 51: Target Acquired

Chapter 52: Too much happening

Chapter 53: One’s Redemption

Chapter 54: Rage and Regret

Chapter 55: Mihara’s demise

Chapter 57: A new start

Chapter 58: Straight out of Nowhere

Chapter 59: I’m a God now?

Chapter 60: System Overhaul

Chapter 61: Resolutions

Chapter 62: Mihara’s yandere side

Chapter 63: As subtle as a sledgehammer

Chapter 64: Completely Unskilled

Chapter 65: I'm under questioning...

Chapter 66: Chained Elephant

Chapter 67: An expensive choice

Chapter 68: Why do you care?

Chapter 69: Goblin Diplomat

Ch 70 - 74: Patreon Exclusive