Re:Born — Necro

A novel about a Necromancer reborn as a little girl


DarkGod EM

5/15/2021 2 min read


After months being chased away by the church backed States and its Papal Armies, Soleir found himself between a rock and a hard place.

Having been cornered by a massive army from the combined effort. There was no way out for him. Or so they thought.

The genius necromancer had one last card up his sleeve. The most advanced Death Magic ever created by men. However...

How could his magic have failed? All the years of careful planning leading up to this moment… The magic supposed to make him immortal...

At least he now still has another chance. And this time, no man or god will be left standing on his path. Giving up his pride and masculinity, he goes by a new name:

Necronomia Vladya Drakul - The princess of Wallakia.

Table of Contents:
Volume 0 - Accessory Volume

Help Chapter 1 - Economy

Help Chapter 2 - Politics I

Volume 1

Chapter 1: The reincarnation spell

Chapter 2: Who am I?

Chapter 3: Dad’s back!

Chapter 4: The church again?

Chapter 5: They are so small…

Chapter 6: It’s not your fault…

Chapter 7: You are not my daughter, are you?

Chapter 8: Am I dead…?

Chapter 9: The cute magician

Chapter 10: Her first kiss

Chapter 11: Ace’s choice

Chapter 12: Don’t you want it?

Chapter 13: Necro’s magic

Chapter 14: Lap pillow and small-talk

Chapter 15: Dinner

Chapter 16: Necro’s drunk friends

Chapter 17: Necro's first orgasm (18+)

Chapter 18: Nightmare

Chapter 19: The pillow moaned?

Chapter 20: Decomposition Magic

Chapter 21: You know alchemy too?

Chapter 22: New party member

Chapter 23: Accidental Magical Development

Chapter 24: Changing scenery = nausea

Chapter 25: Bid's and Ace's Past

Chapter 26: A meal full of memories

Chapter 27: A busy night (16+)

Chapter 28: His sister!?

Chapter 29: I’ll serve you tonight (Part 1 – 18+)

Chapter 30: I’ll serve you tonight (Part 2 – 18+)

Chapter 31: I’ll serve you tonight (Part 3 – 18+)

Chapter 32: A full-course meal (18+)

Chapter 33: I said too much!

Chapter 34: It’s a trap!

Chapter 35: Start Talking

Chapter 36: Oh, Crap!

Chapter 37: Next Stop

Chapter 38: Mary’s doubts

Chapter 39: The Habsburgian army

Chapter 40: What the hell happened?

Chapter 41: Counting coins

Chapter 42: Raise Greater Undead

Chapter 43: Mass Raise Undead

Chapter 44: The Dark Captain

Chapter 45: Skeleton says: NOICE

Chapter 46: Ahem!

Chapter 47: Barrels and Jealousy

Chapter 48: Temptation

Chapter 49: Ace’s insecurity

Chapter 50: Royal Tent

Chapter 51: Dry wash

Chapter 52: Her initiation

Chapter 53: One, Two… Three? (18+)

Chapter 54: I might have broken her (18+)

Chapter 55: Heaven and Bliss (16+)

Chapter 56: Wake up! (18+)

Chapter 57: Misdirection

Chapter 58: Will all of it fit inside this tiny[…]

Chapter 59: The broken Paladin

Chapter 60: Rise, My Knight!

Chapter 61: Double the girls, double the jealousy

Chapter 62: Our Army

Chapter 63: Punishment for a jealous cutie (18+)

Chapter 64: A smooth ride

Chapter 65: The fuck is that!?

Chapter 66: Finally, the town

Chapter 67: Cluj

Chapter 68: Hefty Unloading

Chapter 69: Hal's realization

Chapter 70: Bullionaire

Chapter 71: Ace's sweet tooth

Ch 72 - 88: Patreon Exclusive